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Shogun Tournament.

Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:52 pm by Zaquri

To lead a Country Requires a certain Grit. Add that to Great Rping skills and you have yourself a Recipe for Kage. At the moment you see no Villages right? Well that's where you guys come in and this Tournament. We need 5 Powerful people to step in as Kage. The tournament is where you will be tested to see if you qualify. The …

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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:40 am

shadow: I have to train so you site there

Light: no me wont to train to

shadow: your to little

Light: we same age

shadow: ok ill show you haw to summon chakra
:I hold out my hade and a flicker of light appears

Light: me do that
"I hold out hand like him and I flicker appears"
me can do this
"I fours more in to is and a ball of light appears in me hand"

shadow: yaw but I donít believe it it took me years just to learn how to move my chakra but you it is like breathing {thinking { what in the world is going on here }


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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:03 am

(No training yourself. This is void.)


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