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Shogun Tournament.

Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:52 pm by Zaquri

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To lead a Country Requires a certain Grit. Add that to Great Rping skills and you have yourself a Recipe for Kage. At the moment you see no Villages right? Well that's where you guys come in and this Tournament. We need 5 Powerful people to step in as Kage. The tournament is where you will be tested to see if you qualify. The …

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Post by Zaquri on Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:50 am

I. Personal Information

Forename: Your character's first name
Surname: Your character's family name
Alias: Any other names your character goes by
Age: Your character's age
Gender: Your character's gender; male or female?
Birth/Created: When were you born or created? (No specific year is to be placed)
Status: Alive? Dead?
Appearance: What you look like. At least two paragraphs of writing, please. If you post a picture, still give a written description.
Personality: How does your character act? At least two paragraphs.

II. Shinobi Information

Shinobi Rank/Title: Your rank within the shinobi world, start at Genin
Elemental Affinity: What element your character is able to use
Chakra Bank: Do you have an abnormal chakra amount? State here, will be given if it is feasible.
Chakra Control: How good is your chakra control? Poor, Bad, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent is what your put here to describe your chakra control level.
Blood Type: What is your blood type? Very important, but can be unknown.
Bloodline Limit: What your bloodline is, you can give the name and what it is based on here.
Fighting Style: The way your character prefers to fight.
Country of Origin: Your character's home country
Current Location: Where your character is currently staying

III. Jutsu Specialties

You have a total of 100% to distribute amongst this stats as you see fit. These stats are able to increase to the full 100% eventually through hard work. So don't complain about how it looks work for it. The higher the percentage in a certain area, the stronger the jutsu you are able to use in that particular category. These can increase and be rewarded to you as you finish a thread and a mod/demi or admin gives you more %'s to distribute.

Ninjutsu: The art of manipulating chakra to perform a variety of techniques from breathing fire to burying your foe in sand. 0-100%
Taijutsu: The art of hand to hand combat. 0-100%
Genjutsu: The art of creating illusions. 0-100%
Kenjutsu: The art of weapon techniques. 0-100%
Doujutsu: An eye technique like the Sharingan and Byakugan. 0-100%
Kugutsu: The art of using puppets in combat. 0-100%
Fūinjutsu: The art of using seals for combat or other various uses. 0-100%
Reikijutsu: These are medical jutsu. 0-100%

IV. Ranking

For Ranking and the attributes go

V. Alliances Information You have 100% in each not in all

Team, Group or Clan: --
Shinobi Village: --
Other: --

VI. Historical Information
History: Background of your character. Please provide at least three paragraphs.

Self RP: A brief Self RP to show us how you work with your character. These won't get you denied as long as you do it, you just need to fill this out to give us a preview of your skill.

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