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Shogun Tournament.

Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:52 pm by Zaquri

DBZ: New Legends 11sdyix

To lead a Country Requires a certain Grit. Add that to Great Rping skills and you have yourself a Recipe for Kage. At the moment you see no Villages right? Well that's where you guys come in and this Tournament. We need 5 Powerful people to step in as Kage. The tournament is where you will be tested to see if you qualify. The …

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Post by Baki on Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:04 am

DBZ: New Legends Awe-1

DBZ: New Legends

the story:
100 years has passed and earth has began to experiance to a time of peace and the new generation of fighters have been given the task of defending earth's forces from the threat of evil.once agian earth has a new threat. the humans have created a program initiating androids to defend earth if the now growing sayian population on earth becomes rouge. however a glicth in the system causes androids to run wild in earth killing thousands of people sayian and human alike. the saian race is now divided blaming the humans for their own destruction and causing even more deaths to the death toll calling themselves the "new sayians". the humans feeling weak and helpless begin a secret goverment program run by a former red ribbon army general callling the program the "Super Zero Program"has increased the strenght of humans who have voulentered or have been forced to and given them the abilitys of even the strongest syaians. now a battle rages on Earth. Androids VS. Human VS. new sayians VS. new Z fighters. Earth will never be the same......
we have open spots for many of these new and intresting orginizations, avalible admin spots for those who qualify and a special event system for active battles and a intresting Experiance point system

we have two moderator spots open and are about to have the Budokai Tenkaichi Tornament.

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